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Why You Should Use A Writer To Create Your Web Content, Blog Posts and EBooks

When building an online business you will find that most of your time could be spent creating web content - depending on what business you are building of course.

A lot of online businesses generate their money from what is known as content marketing and that basically means that the bulk of the work of an online business is writing and creating content.

All of which can be very time consuming.

Very VERY time consuming.

Especially if you are not used to creating content.

If you are new to blogging or building websites then you are going to have quite a shock. If you are building an online business in your spare time then you will find that your time is going to be in very short supply and it will become incredibly precious to you.

You cannot grow a blog or website business without content however content alone will not grow your business either. Adding a lot of content to your blog or website may get you some free traffic if your articles are ranked in the search engines or happened upon by people. But that is not guaranteed.

So even if you do get some free organic traffic and some people who find your content may share a post or two giving you a small spike in traffic it is safe to say that you are going to need to do more than just create content.

This then brings you to an impasse.

You need a lot of great content but great content cannot build a business without traffic and without a lot of great content you have nothing to send traffic too.

So you will need to start to grow a tribe of followers and reaching out to people with the wish to send them to your website so that you can make money from whatever monetisation method you plan to use.

With time in short supply you will find that you will struggle to do both.

Driving traffic to a website isn’t as simple as using just one method. With popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest specialising in different media you will need to create specific content to get those users interested in your content.

The idea is to get them excited enough to want to see your content on your website and to leave the safe environment of the social media platform they are in.

So now you have the job of creating great content on your website AND creating a lot of create content to engage and drive traffic from the popular social media platforms.

But don’t forget… you have very little spare time to do it all in!

So what can you do?

Well you can pay for people to do the jobs which you cannot do or would rather not do.

Some content creation is easier than others, some require specialist skills like creating graphics and videos. To master these a new blogger or marketer will need to learn how to use new skills and purchase new - often expensive software.

Creating written content is often seen as easy to do. I mean…  how hard can it be?

Everyone with a computer, a laptop,  a tablet or a smartphone has access to free writing software right? And most people write right?

Every status on Facebook or Tweet on Twitter or picture added to Instagram has to be written or has some degree of text right?

Well yes most people can write but writing itself isn’t always as easy as you may think.

There is writing and then there is effective writing.

There is writing and then there is writing which captivates, which draws the reader in...

… and then there is writing which converts.

Not many people can write so effectively from the start. Effective writing which captures imaginations and stimulates people to spend money or take action can take years of practice.

These are skills which are developed with experience.

Only a handful of people have these abilities as soon as they begin blogging or building up online businesses. Generally, that gifted handful will have previously done some writing in other areas of their lives or they do a lot of reading and studying.

When time and money is tight most people try and do as much work as they can to save costs. They think this is smart but it is very often a false economy. Doing things yourself to save money can lengthen the time it takes to get things done effectively prolonging the rewards which should come from doing that work.

For example; I know a guy who had a leaking roof.

He couldn’t afford to spend the $750 which was quoted to have the roof repaired and so he decided to do the work himself. However he does not own a ladder or a scaffold or the knowledge to do the repairs and he also works a full time job.

On top of that he has a wife who unfortunately has a condition which means that sometimes he has to help her out which also eats into his spare time.

He had to figure out where he was going to get a ladder from, where and when he could get a scaffold and how and when he was going to repair the roof. It was a job more suited to two people so he also had to wait for a weekend when a friend was available.

The work itself was then also dependent on whether the weather that weekend was good or not. With so many obstacles and hurdles in the way he didn’t get to work on the roof for over a year.

As a working man with a wage coming in it would have been far better for him to have paid a company to do the work during the week. A company which owned the right equipment, had the necessary knowledge of the work required and a team of workers who could do the job.

The job itself could have been finished within a week or two. Maybe a month depending on how busy the company was. Instead, the job took over a year to complete and resulted in a lot of stress when it rained hard with water pouring into the building causing more unnecessary damage.

So what is the point of that story?

Had he spent the money paying for contractors to do the work - even when he didn’t have it to hand - it would have resulted in him getting the desired results he wanted faster.

The roof would have been fixed, the rain would have not leaked in causing more damage and his own spare time could have been spent doing other stuff. He would have soon earned back the money from his work.

So the point is that trying to do everything yourself to save money is not always cost effective. And it can actually cost you more in the long run.

The same can be said for creating web content. Trying to write effective blog posts and articles is very time consuming and that will take time away from other important tasks like implementing a traffic generating strategy.

However if you had someone writing articles for you or you had access to a resource of premium web content that you could go to your time could be spent on doing other things like building up a tribe of followers and sending people to your website.

All that you would need to do with the writing side of things is to upload the content to your website once you have it. You are free then to begin sharing that new piece of content across all of your social media platforms and create relevant traffic signposts in the way of images and infographics.

By hiring a writer or buying into a vault like resource of premium web content you are effectively increasing your chances of reaching success. You are no longer just you, you are a team of two doubling up your productivity and more importantly the growth of your website, blog and business.

And this is how we can help you...

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