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Why It’s VITAL That You Outsource Your Product Creation

Whatever niche you are involved in, whatever website you own, to build an email list is extremely important.

It has been said many times, that the money is in the list. Your email list is the lifeblood of your business.

To build an email list you will need to give away something of value. This something can be a video, a small service, or an eBook or report.

This product needs to be something that helps a person achieve a small victory. For example, you could show someone how to lose 5lbs in a set time or how to get 500 Instagram followers within a week.

Whatever it is that you decide you want to give away or help people to achieve, it is important that you give them something extremely useful. Something very valuable to them.

Let’s say that you decide that you want to give away a free report or short eBook, you now have basically three options.

Those options are:

  1. You can write it yourself.
  2. You can use PLR which - unless is written by us here at the DCP - can be very poor.
  3. You can outsource the product creation to a writer or team of writers who can do a more professional job.

We here at the DCP believe that, if you are not actually using any of our content from within our site, you should outsource this form of product creation to another person, and we shall outline our reasons for that below.

Reason For Outsourcing Your Report And EBook Creation To Someone Else... Number 1

It is faster. 

When it comes to writing a report or eBook it can take time. Even creating a short report is time consuming. If you come up with the outline and concept of what you want to teach you can pass that over to a professional dedicated writer who can then set about researching and compiling everything that you need for the eBook and start writing it there and then.

A professional writer will be able to start researching all the relative information that you need and start putting it into words fairly quickly. And with them being a professional writer they should be able to get words down a lot quicker than you.

Depending on what their work commitments are at the time of hiring, they could get started fairly quickly and have your report finished and delivered to you within a very short period of time. 

Not only does this help you get it done a lot quicker because, where you are not a proficient writer, they are and they are used to creating written content regularly but it also frees you up to carry on doing other important tasks while the eBook or report is being written.

A professional writer who will spend time creating reports and ebooks will also be quite proficient in creating images and graphics which are also often needed for your eBook. 

Something that you may not be used to. 

Creating images can be quite a labour and time intensive task.

So just to recap...  outsourcing the creation of your report or eBook can actually be a lot faster than trying to do it yourself if you are not used to writing or creating reports. 

Reason For Outsourcing Your Report And EBook Creation To Someone Else... Number 2

It will be cheaper in the long run.

It is easy to fall into the trap believing that doing things yourself is cheaper. 

The truth is, it rarely is.

At first, when you are given a price for having an eBook or report written you may think that it is expensive. 

But you have to be aware that what you are thinking, might be a false economy.

When a professional writer says that they can write an eBook or report for several hundred dollars, at first you may think that you can't afford that price and that you'll have to do it yourself. 

The truth is that you probably cannot afford NOT TO pay somebody to do the work.

The reason why it is possibly cheaper for you to have someone else write a report for you is that it frees you up to focus on other tasks and you actually get the whole project finished a lot quicker.

Plus it will look a lot more professional.

free articles plr

The eBook and report that you get will be professional from the start with very few errors. 

Even the best writers can miss something while they're in the middle of creating a product however they will be very few and far between unlike anything that you may create yourself. 

This new report and eBook which you have paid to have created will be the best professional copy from the start.

There is nothing worse than doing something yourself only to have people point out the flaws and errors which need correcting. You then spend time correcting issues before putting it out live again. 

It wastes your time. 

And what is that popular saying? 

Time Is Money!

It’s when something takes longer to do than is necessary is when it becomes costly.

And that is what often happens when people do things themselves.

Because if it takes a professional writer a week or two to create a product for you for a few hundred dollars, your eBook or report is ready to be published as and when you need it. 

Where as if you did it yourself, it could take weeks or months, possibly years to create a half decent eBook. I have known some people take years to create a simple report.

Anything which takes that long, could soon be out of date before it goes live. 

Also if you do not act fast to get something finished, you are very unlikely to actually carry on and get it published because you will lose momentum, you'll lose motivation and simply give up or forget about it.

If that happens then you are missing out on potential profit from sales produced via the product itself or from follow up sales of other products to those people who would have joined your email list when getting your initial product.

This leads us on to reason number 3 which I believe is very important. 

Reason For Outsourcing Your Report And EBook Creation To Someone Else... Number 3

The quicker the product is finished, the sooner it will be profitable.

When you outsource your product creation, when you get your eBook or report written for you, it will be produced a lot quicker than when you do it yourself meaning one thing… you can have it live sooner making you money via sales or building you an email list which you can sell to later.

When you outsource the product creation to another person, you can spend more time focusing on getting the sales letter or the website ready for when it is completed so that you can get it live quicker.

When someone else is busy writing the report for you they are focusing their time on getting it done, you are busy getting everything else in place so that as soon as they have delivered the finished report to you, you can get it listed on your website and ready to share out with the world.

If you were to create the report or eBook yourself, you could be at it for weeks, months even, or possibly years. But when someone else does it for you they will deliver it to you possibly within a few days, maybe a week or two depending on what their work schedule is. 

It is vitally important for your business that you get your products out as soon as you can. 

If your objective is to build an email list then you need to get your free giveaway lead magnet out as soon as you can so that you can start to build that all important email list. 

Which will overtime start to generate money for your business.

So if you are thinking of creating a lead magnet, or something to give a way to build an email list and you are thinking of doing it yourself, maybe you should sit down and have a rethink. 

Because as we mentioned in the three reasons above, it can actually be faster to get a product created by professional writer. 

It can save you a lot of time and allow you to get on with all the other important tasks which need to be done and thirdly, you can get it out to market quicker than if you did it all yourself. 

Meaning that you can move your business forward faster.

What If Money Really Is An Issue?

If money is an issue, then maybe you should also sit down with a notepad and pen and do some thinking about money juggling. Try and figure out where you can find the money to pay for someone creating your product.

There is always more time and money available to people, they just don't generally know it. 

People get so bogged down with the everyday going-ons that they often over see where they are wasting time or spending money which could be used on better, more life enhancing things.

So it is very possible that you probably could quite easily find the money to have your products created for you by a professional writer which will actually move your business forward a lot faster, and get you to where you want to be a lot quicker.

As a little sample we would like to give you 5 x free 1000+ word articles you can take away and use for free. Use them how ever you like. Just pop your details in and we will send them over!
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