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What Is Premium FREE To Use Web Content & Reports? And Why You Should Be Using It

What is Premium Web Content and what does it mean when we say it is FREE to use?

Free to use Premium Web Content and reports are quality professionally written long pieces of content that you can use as your own on your website as articles, giveaway reports or as newsletters which do not cost the same as having something written by a freelance writer.

They are essentially PLR but without the bad reputation. PLR, as it has come to be known, is content with Private Label Rights status which means that you can take the content and use it as your own. You can add a PLR article to your website and add your name to it. You pass it off as your own. As far as your reader is concerned they will think that you have written it yourself.

PLR which has been sold over the previous years has been very poor hence why PLR has been given a bad reputation. Much of the PLR available is between 300 - 500 words, badly written and very vague using box standard general information.

Well, that was then and this is now.

This is the new era of Premium Web Content, where you buy content which is far superior and actually worth your money. PWC is well written, well researched and can be used as is or it can be edited to be more unique to suit your needs.

Why should you consider using Premium Web Content?

  1. It saves you a lot of time.
  2. Gives you a lot of content to work with allowing you to build and grow an influential website and business over a year in ways you couldn’t if you were starting from scratch.
  3. Is excellent value for money.
  4. Is a lot easier to craft something unique that suits your needs when you have all of the information right in front of you on your screen.

You can hire a freelance writer to craft you something completely unique but it will cost you a lot of money. A well researched 1000 word article could cost you anywhere between $100-$300... maybe more.

This guy will supply you 4 x 1000 word articles for the staggering price of $862! (£657 = $862 at time of writing) And this is only his standard package!

Not only does that work out at $0.21 (£0.16) per word it could take up to 29 days for your article to be delivered!

When we say well researched we mean that they will do a Google search of your requested topic and they will read several articles which come up in the results, they will take notes then rewrite the information in their own words and then charge you handsomely for it.

With PWC you are working with excellent 1000 word average content often with images which you can publish straight to your blog or edit to make it more your own at a fraction of the cost.

The research has been done for you. It is there right in front of you sitting on your screen. There is nothing worse than trying to write a new blog post or email newsletter from scratch. Staring at a blank document deadens the mind and seems to stop ideas from flowing forward.

If you wanted to use Premium Web Content but wanted it to be different to others and stand out more you can take a couple of articles written on the same topic and crop and chop parts to make a brand new unique article of your own.

PWC articles are on average 1000 words with many being more. This gives your readers something to read and get their teeth into. Premium Web Content articles are written with the reader and site visitor in mind. They are not written for bots and I shall tell you why...

...there is nothing worse than going to a website hoping to learn something new or find a solution to a problem they are facing only to find a badly written generic PLR article stuffed with keywords designed to crowbar its way into the search engines giving little or no actual useful information.

Typical PLR is aimed at fooling the search engine bots and spiders which trawl and crawl through your content trying to get your website ranked but here lies the big problem. Search engine bots and spiders do not buy products. They do not click on adverts and they do not follow you. They are useless when it comes to building a business.

People, however, are the backbone of a healthy online business and they want useful well-written content and they want to read it on a website with personality. Something you do not get from a website which is full of vague box standard PLR or spun content.

Also we no longer live in a web which is reliant on Google or other search engine rankings. Of course, it is nice when you do land on the first page of the search rankings but as far as traffic goes you should be using the free social media platforms more and they are very unforgiving when it comes to poor quality content.

When did you last see your friends share on Facebook a dodgy written 300 word PLR article on a bad looking website? Probably never. But I bet you did see them share a longer well-crafted article on a great looking website.

If you published 4 new posts to your blog or website each month and sent out 2 email newsletters all around 1000 words long then you would be looking at spending either a lot of time writing - which can soon rob you of your free time - or at least $600 a month to have them written by a freelance writer who wasn’t half bad and quite affordable.

The other option is to use our PWC which will give you access to a library of well written 1000 word (average) content along with 10 pieces of new 1000 word articles each month. You read that right… we will add to the library 10 new articles -at least - with an average word count of 1000 which is 10,000 words each month with a value of at least $1000.

To access that library and get the 10 new articles each month you will pay no more than $39.99 per month.

Going back to the example of publishing 4 posts to your blog or website and sending out 2 email newsletters per month you would need 72 pieces of content which could cost you at least $7,200 if you had them written by a freelance writer. Chances are it would cost you a lot more but by using our PWC you will find your 72 pieces and much more for the annual cost of $479.88.

Doesn’t that sound great to you?

Not only is our PWC great value for money but they are well written, well researched and they have personality injected into them. Many of our articles come with real life stories and examples which really pull the reader in. People love to read stories and example which are true. They help get across the points you want to make.

Here is an example taken from one of our articles within our members area library:

Article: Want To Make Money Online? Why You Need To Earn Less Online Than What You First Thought

“A factory worker in the UK calculated how much it would cost if he bought his drinks from the factory drinks machine. He didn’t use the drinks machine himself, instead he would take a flask of hot water to work everyday - which he topped up at work with the free water using the kettle in the canteen - and he would take to work his own tea bags.

Because he drank black tea he could get two drinks out of each tea bag and he used a big cup which held the same amount of liquid from two cups which came out of the drinks machine.”

Want to know how much he saved by not using the works drinks machine? You will be amazed, I personally know the guy and to find out for yourself you will need to join the DCP members area. 😉

It gets even better!

You can make money with our Premium Web Content because we write articles and reviews naming companies, products or services which pay affiliate commissions. All you need to do is join their affiliate networks and you can be publishing content which could be earning you money.

For example, within the members area we have an article called ‘SiteGround. Reliable Hosting Which Won’t Cost The Earth’.

SiteGround like all hosting companies has an affiliate network and they pay commissions to people who help sign up new customers. That article is ideal for adding to an email follow up or as an article on your website.

Sign up as an affiliate at SiteGround and start sharing the article on social media and start earning commissions.

Imagine having access to pre-written content which you can use ‘as is’ or edit to make your own which can build you an email list and potentially earn you commissions at the same time.

That my friend is exactly what Premium FREE to use Web Content and Reports are. If you are a new online business just starting out then give your business a boost by using it and freeing up your precious time and money.

As a little sample we would like to give you 5 x free 1000+ word articles you can take away and use for free. Use them how ever you like. Just pop your details in and we will send them over!
We hate spam. Your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone else.

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