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10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog Without Worrying About Google

get traffic without google

In this post, I wanted to write about the many techniques and traffic strategies out there that you can use to get traffic to your blog without using Google.

So, this is very much NOT an SEO article. All the methods in here will work whether you have a 300-word article or a 3000-word article, they will work to a video post or an infographic post.

The length and style of the post do not really matter, what is important though is that it IS something that people will want to read in the first place.

There is a whole lot of noise out there on the Internet, your job is to stand out from it, maybe you have to shout the loudest in order to be heard. I don't mean that literally of course but what I do mean is you have to stand out a bit and maybe think outside the box a little. This post is a prime example, there will be thousands of other “traffic strategies” blog posts out there. My job is to just try and make this one stand out a little.

Anyway, on we go. As always with a list type post, you can choose to do all of these or just hand pick one or two to begin with. For me a handful of them works best, you will build a strategy that works well for you and your blog.


Pinterest is a superb resource for free traffic as the once social media platform has effectively now become a search engine in its own right.

The key here is not how many followers anymore although this helps it's down to the content, and as Pinterest is all about images the image you choose for promoting your post is key.

You should make a long image with some bold stand out text explaining what the readers can expect to find out about.

There are many tools you can use to do this. Of course, if you are a dab hand at photoshop then this is a great software package to use. However, if like me you prefer a simpler approach then something like Canva or Wordswag for your smartphone will do the trick just fine (and much quicker).

The trick with getting good Pinterest traffic is getting shares of your content. That and hashtags, I know I said that this is not an SEO post at all but you do need to do a little bit with your Pinterest posts. At least have the keyword of sorts in the title and also in the description that you are trying to rank for. Then after some shares, your rank for this word will grow.

But as Pinterest is not as static as Google in terms of ranking, your post will appear in other ways too, if someone views a similar post your image may end up also coming up in the similar results under an image.

Also unlike Facebook and other platforms, your image can keep getting traffic for months after you have posted it. It really is a great platform and you should be utilising it in your strategy.

There is a standout tool called Tailwind which if you are going to take your Pinterest marketing strategy seriously then you should consider it. This tool allows you to fully automate your Pinterest account. It will allow you to set up daily, weekly even monthly pinning schedules, saving you tons of time.

Another superb feature of Tailwind is Tribes, these are basically groups of like-minded individuals who share each other's pins. If you hit it off in one of these tribes your Pinterest traffic will explode.


Again with all social media platforms this one too has its pros and cons. Firstly you should install the click-to-tweet plugin on your blog. This allows users to tweet a pre-written tweet out from your post making their life a little be easier and thus getting you more tweets.

You can drop this into any post and edit the text how you wish.

Next is using hashtags. These are what the platform is essentially built on. If you are lucky enough to ride the wave of a trending hashtag then you will see some spikes in your activity.

Of course, you want to try and get as many likes and retweets to your tweets as you can too. Obviously having more followers helps here too. This will grow in due course. Don't do anything silly here like going to buy followers, they will not be worth it.

When starting out on Twitter a good way to get retweets is to tag other accounts in that will share your content.

Here are some retweet accounts that you can try to tag in some of your posts. Some are better than others but worth a shot to get you some engagement early on. Some require you to use the account when retweeting while others prefer you to use a hashtag. Always check first.

So at the end of your tweet be sure to include one or two of these accounts to get you some retweets. Test out which accounts work for you and make sure you explore others.

Twitter is a slow and steady grower for me. You are unlikely to see massive traffic if you have a low follower count but this will grow. Do this daily, maybe 5 tweets per day and you will start to see some gains.

You can follow me (John Banks) on Twitter here if you want to!

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can be a nice free way to get some traffic boosts. The downside is everyone in the group is trying to do the same thing. Many of the Facebook groups out there can become very spammy and polluted with garbage. There are however some that have kept their credibility and are a good source of traffic providing you abide by the rules.

Here are six to get you started:

Obviously check first if your niche is suitable for these groups. Do not spam and share your links too often, this will swamp the other users and will most likely see you getting kicked from the group. Be warned.

Facebook groups too can a be a great place to build relationships with other bloggers, this could then lead to profitable business further down the line. 

Blog Commenting

This method is never going to get you waves and waves of traffic but it does do a few things. If you are just starting out then blog commenting is a very easy way to gain a few hits to your website. Simply head over to similar blogs in your niche and add a useful comment.

When I say useful don't just put “Good article, thanks!”

Although that is nice it won't really get you any traffic from the other readers or commenters. The idea of a comment is to add your own input to the post. If it is a list post then is there another point you could raise?

This is what works best. You will then start to see people (especially the owner of the blog) head over to your blog to read your posts.

You can enter in any link you like in the comments section. So you can link straight to a post or lead page or just your main URL.

It also builds relationships. If you comment regularly on blogs in your niche then guess what will happen? They too will start to comment on yours.

They will also start sharing your posts, which in turn will generate more traffic.

Relationships are a massive part of blogging and working online. Just from making one comment could lead to a very lucrative joint venture in the future.

Think about that. 

10 traffic ways without google pin 1

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has got a bit of a bad name in recent years because of Google saying that they may penalise guest blogs from enhancing page rank. We are not worried about any of that. At all.

The reason you are going to be guest posting is because it will allow you to gain some traffic from another blog's already established reader base.

That for me should be the number one reason to do it. Not for any SEO purposes.

When you get accepted to write a guest blog for another site do not just write a half-arsed article and think that it will be suitable.

You have to send in your best work, basically work that only you would be happy to have on your own site should make it to the guest blog submission.

Once accepted the owner will usually give you a date on which it will be published. Once it is live you can share it as normal through your own channels but also the blog owner will likely share it through their own channels too giving you a nice spike in traffic.

If you are unsure about which blogs to write for then a good tip is to search on Google the following:

“your chosen niche: write for us” 

This will pull up tons of results with websites accepting guest bloggers. They will often have a list of requirements set up for you before you submit your post to them.

Don't get too disheartened if you are not accepted as there are plenty more sites that will take your post on.

Another good place to start is Facebook. There are many groups here which will be looking for guest post contributors. 

Email Marketing (need a list)

An obvious one really but by far the best traffic of all is traffic YOU OWN. By this I mean you are not going to get slapped by Google and see your traffic go down, or if you run paid ads you are not going to see the price of your ads go up due to competition.

If you have a few thousand subscribers on your mailing list you can reach out to them as often as you like via an email. In fact, the minute you start getting subscribers to your mailing list you should be reaching out to them on a regular basis.

Tons of people still really like email and will happily click through to a new blog post or product link you have sent them providing you have built up a trustworthy relationship with them.

Even with all the social media platforms out there today email is still not going anywhere. Once you own your own traffic in the form of an email list that is when you really start the see the fruits of all your hard labour.


Quora is a little different from the others but it can provide some healthy traffic (not to mention links) to your content. The whole point of Quora is to answer people's questions.

If you have a blog that is tailored around one niche (which is what I recommend) then you can set up your Quora profile around this niche.

You can select specific keywords and key phrases that it will follow and when a question comes up either in that category or has a keyword mentioned in the question you will get a prompt to answer it.

Here is where you can get some traffic.

Give the question your best answer and if it warrants it you can add a link to your latest blog post to for further reading. You can add links naturally in the post or even as a call to action at the end. Entirely up to you.

The great thing about Quora is the questions stay live so other people can search for questions and your answer may come up again.

My advice with this strategy is to have a genuine interest in helping the people first and foremost and the traffic you get (which you will) should be secondary. As with all platforms do not spam your links all over the place.

You can download and install the app for your phone and once you have set up the specific keywords you are going for you will start getting notifications from members asking for your answers. These are all potential readers to your blog as you can promote your links in these answers.

Quora Website Traffic

Roundup List Posts

This one is not really a direct traffic strategy but it can have huge benefits in getting traffic. I will explain what I mean.

Roundup posts are usually posts that you can write which will have included in them other influencers, other bloggers or product creators for example.

So – let's say you just created a post “Top 10 Finance Bloggers To Watch Out For In 2019”

You have done your research and compiled your list with a paragraph or two about each blogger.

Publish the article as normal and share through your own channels first. But then what you should do is reach out to each and every blogger you have included on your list and ask them to share with their followers.

Most will appreciate the time you have taken to write about them and will gladly share the content.

They may have a large Twitter following and tweet about it, they may have a huge Instagram following and post about it on their stories page. They may even send it out as a link to their email subscribers.

Either way, this is a great method to gain some good traffic. Plus, again it helps build relationships with some bloggers in your niche who may be a bit further ahead in terms of goals. 

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is the social network group for professionals. This is why you should 100% hangout here too. Even as a blogger, most of your audience will be on here in some way or another. Another good thing with LinkedIn members is that most of them are money savvy and understand professional business. When you promote a post for example, you are unlikely to get a load of spam comments like you would in other social networks like Facebook for example.

They understand that you are here as a business owner as they are most likely doing the same.

Try to join at least three groups in your niche. Simply search for your chosen keyword and then select “groups”.

This will bring up a list of all the potential groups you can join.

Don't join them all as you will not be able to manage all of them, a select few are much better than joining loads. Have a look at how many active subscribers they have and go with say three that have at least 5000 subscribers in each one.

Another good point to make here is to check to see if the group is active and not just full of spam. LinkedIn is generally a solid place but spam does unfortunately seep through, even on this network.

If you are happy that the group is spam free and looks like it is a good engaging group with lots of activity then you should stick with this one.

You have to get involved and participate in the conversations, do this for at least a few weeks until you promote or drop your link anywhere. This will build up trust first and foremost in what you have to offer.

I would say as a good rule of thumb to stick with the 90/10 rule here. Meaning 90% of your posts and comments should NOT include any links and with the remaining 10%, you can promote one of your posts if suitable.

If you give away some great advice and content first and foremost people will want to hear what you have to say when you do promote your posts.

Once you have an established status in the groups you are in then you may want to consider creating a group of your own.

Head over to LinkedIn and check this post on finding and joining relevant groups


Slideshare is a presentation and visual based platform. You can upload your presentations and infographics and you can also include links back to your site.

The tricky part for some people here is knowing what to create content about. A lot of the time you will have content right in front of you. You will 99% of the time be able to repurpose a post you have already published and turn it into a Slideshare presentation.

Take this post for example, I could easily turn each one of these strategies into a slide each. Add some graphics and its done.

The goal of Slideshare is to try and get on the featured page. If you do this you will see a nice spike in your traffic as it will get seen by a huge amount of users. Not all will click through obviously but if you make your presentation interesting and have a good call to action then a good percentage should click through to your site.

You can add the links to your site directly in your presentations.

A lot of tutors use Slideshare for their work and to teach others in classrooms so there is also the bonus of your work being picked out as a piece for others to learn from!

Wrap Up

You could use all the methods here with one of our premium members articles, if the content is relevant to the captive audience then it is all good. You can grab 5 x free articles to see if it's for you. Grab yours here.

These 10 traffic methods will show that you do not need to worry about ranking on Google to get traffic, there are bloggers out there that only do a couple of these methods as their main source of traffic and do very well indeed.

What is right for them may not be right for you though which is why I encourage you to explore all of these methods for some time before you commit to your own traffic strategy.

The key is to go where your readers go. Find where they hang out and you will be halfway there.

And I guarantee using one of the methods above you will find them.

As a little sample we would like to give you 5 x free 1000+ word articles you can take away and use for free. Use them how ever you like. Just pop your details in and we will send them over!
We hate spam. Your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone else.


  1. Sabina

    I think this is great advice. I didn’t know about a lot of this, and I’ve implemented almost everything you suggested. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works. Thank you!!

    • Digital Content Planet

      Hi Sabina – that’s great and well done for taking positive action straight away!

      I expect you to see some results! Keep in touch!

  2. Jessica

    This was what I have been looking for. A post that has all information relating to traffic that I can get for low or no cost. There are many apps and Facebook groups I did not know of. I would not have thought of the Quora idea either! Thank you for this valuable information.

  3. Sarah Meh

    Pinterest is awesome in generating traffic. My monthly visitors are 1.2 M in just a month which is also a bit overwhelming for me lol. This is a nice post and would help many bloggers.

  4. Dani

    Great article for a new blogger! I have known I would have to “up” my Pinterest game soon. I use Pinterest all the time for my own research for adventure ideas, but I have yet to commit to utilizing it for my blog. I think that’ll be my next goal once I start establishing a good routine with writing and being involved in my Facebook Groups!

    • Digital Content Planet

      Thanks for your comment and sharing your thoughts with the blog. Good luck with Pinterest!

    • Digital Content Planet

      Excellent – thanks for dropping by. Good luck with the Pinterest approach! Let us know how you get on!

  5. Jessica Martin

    These 10 ways to get traffic are very helpful. I use Pinterest and am apart of groups for blog commenting. I will have to try Twitter and some of the others you have listed. This post was very helpful for me and full of good info. I hope other benefit from it as well.

    • Digital Content Planet

      Glad you found it helpful – hope to see you back here again soon! Keep me informed on your progress!

  6. Casey

    Great post and great advice. I wish I knew a lot more when I started my blog. The journey so far has been tough but fun at the same time.

  7. Hannah Marie

    These are so helpful! Yes to all the social media platform especially Pinterest for me. I love how easy it is to manage.

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