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How To Run A 6 Figure Info Publishing Business From Your Home

6 figure home business featured

Going to start this article with the story of Sam the Shovel. On January 24, 1848, gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California by James W. Marshall. This discovery lead to the period known as the Gold Rush.

All nationalities who had settled in America rushed to stake their claim and find gold with the desire to become wealthy and buy themselves out of hardship and poverty.

One man became very wealthy during the Gold Rush and is said to be one of the first self made entrepreneurs of the wild west. His wealth today would put him well into the multi-millionaire bracket.

This man did not go panning for gold like the rest of them, instead he did something far more important and a lot more impressive. The only time he touched any panning tools, digging implements or soil shifting equipment was when he was handing it over to a buyer in exchange for cold cash.

Sam Brannan was a store owner who on May 12, 1848, just under four months after the discovery of gold held a “one-man parade” announcing the start of the San Francisco Gold Rush. Proclaiming “Gold! Gold from the American River!” he spiked interest in the locals causing people to stampede to his store to buy panning equipment.

Brannan coined it in and the story of his success lead to the popular business saying “During a gold rush, sell shovels”.

It is a commonsense approach to business. In order to make money, give the people what they need. The people wanted to find gold but to do that they needed tools and that is exactly what Sam Brannan sold them. And he became very wealthy for doing so.

Today there is another gold rush happening and this one is happening constantly. There is no letting up of this gold rush and you too can profit from this.

This constant gold rush is the thirst for knowledge, knowledge which will change people’s lives through either making them a lot of money directly or indirectly by learning new skills or knowledge.

Information Sells

With a global population of over 7 billion there are a lot of potential customers out there all wanting to improve their lives for themselves and their families in one way or another.

These people want to learn and to learn they are willing to hand over their hard earned cash.

They want to buy information which will help them make that million dollars they dream of or develop the skills which will set them on their way to time and money freedom.

This need for life changing information is great for you, because you can become the one who supplies them with it. You can become a modern Sam ‘the shovel’ Brannan. You can build an information publishing business from your home and you can profit greatly from it.

There are many self made millionaires who have generated a lot of money by becoming home based information publishers. The reason why so many people have entered into this industry is that it…

  • Is relatively easy to start.
  • Requires very little investment making it one of the cheapest business models around.
  • Can make a lot of money in a short period of time.
  • Creates multiple income streams
  • Products can be sold for many years after first being published as long as the content is still valuable and evergreen.

The above are true more so today because of the internet. The internet has made it A LOT EASIER for everyday people like you and I to build a profitable information publishing business.

The information publishing industry has some of the largest returns compared to many other businesses.

For example: A person could write a short report or eBook and build a simple website to promote the product from. If they did the work themselves - which is very doable - the cost for creating that product could be zero. There are tools that a person can use to build a free website and there are free writing software like Google Docs which will keep the cost down.

It would be best if the person had their own website using a reliable hosting company like Siteground. Using WordPress and a basic sales page template theme they could have a sales page set up and live for 2 years for as little as $95 (depending on what deal they offer at the time of purchase).

If the product was set up on a joint venture affiliate website like JVZoo with a 50% or more commission offered then the product may end up being promoted by many affiliates which could generate a lot of sales.

This product could be sold for at least 2 years as long as the content is still relevant and all of this can come from a small initial investment of $95.

Once the work has been done the eBook or report is left to sell and the creator can move onto creating the next product building up a portfolio of profitable products.

Now compare that to starting a traditional bricks and mortar business like a restaurant or buying a franchise. The start up costs are often in the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands and that is before you have even started.

Not only that, businesses that supply food and goods often have to dispose of products after a certain time as they go off and out of date. There are a lot of hidden costs with traditional offline businesses.

The home based information publishing business can be started on a shoestring. I dare say that it is possible to create a product and make sales without any costs.

Information Publishing Business In The Digital Age

In many ways a website can be considered an information publishing business. Websites like are essentially publishing information in a specific niche and they are making megabucks from doing it.

They generate money from a combination of paid advertising, promoting affiliate products on their website and in their email newsletters and I believe that they create their own products which they sell.

This is one very popular website and according to Stuart Walker over at this website was earning a cool $1 million each month back in 2014.

What it is earning now one can only guess.

It was originally set up by Ryan Deiss a well know online information publisher and internet marketer as a ‘case study’ on how to make a successful and profitable authority blog. Over at Ryan’s own website Ryan published the case study back in 2014 called How We Grew a Blog from ZERO to $6 Million

Ryan Deiss is a genius when it comes to internet marketing but what is it that he does that really makes him money?

He publishes information which people need, want and will help them to change their lives for the better.

He is rewarded with insane amounts of money for giving people what they want to know. Yes he is clever in that he used specific cross promotions and upselling techniques and email sequence templates. But these are all basic marketing tricks.

Information Publishing - One Of The Oldest Tried & Tested Business Models Around

Way back in the days of the first world war paper magazines were printed with news and information of the great war which were sold across Britain. Within those pages were cross promotions and upsells for things like sturdy hardback folders which you could put your monthly magazines in turning them into a big book ideal for any library.

People were told that they could turn their monthly magazine into a beautiful ‘collectors item’ anyone would be proud to own. Cross promotion and upselling is the way that all information publishers increase their revenue from the same customers already buying their products.

It means that they don’t need to always find new customers and it can add a nice larger lump into the bank account while extracting more money from people already buying from them.

The Power Of Upselling, Cross Prmotions & The Information Publishing Business Funnel

Think of a trip to McDonalds, have you ever been asked if you wanted to ‘supersize that’ or whether you wanted something else with your order while you were at the counter? Virtually all of the large takeaway food stores and many other stores do cross promotions and upsells.

This is something anyone can do, but it is a lot easier for an information publisher.


Because you create another product in the same niche WHILE you are creating the original cheaper product and you get a funnel set up so that when someone buys the first $7 - $27 product they are then shown the second ‘better’ or ‘missing piece’ product at a higher price of $47 - $97.

Both products are made at the same time and they are made only once. Creating two or more products means that instead of only selling a load of $7 products you now sell a load of $7 products and a handful of $47 products. You can increase your profits dramatically without creating a completely different product in a different niche which requires a new sales page or website.

Home based information publishers create funnels adding in higher priced items along the checkout sequence. Hundreds may buy the first $7 product but only a handful will purchase any of the other products in the funnel but that handful of people will increase the income generated tremendously for what is in reality very little work.

The amount of people who purchase products will decrease as they go through the funnel but you don't need many to double or triple the amount of money earned from the initial $7 - $27 short report.

Imagine getting only two people buying a $997 one off face to face consultation with you? You would earn $1994 which would require you to sell a further 285 copies of your $7 report to match that. Would you like to earn $1994 for spending a few hours with only two people?

Creating several products to sell at the same time is easier than you think. Especially with today’s technology. A short report can be you first cheap product and the upsell can be a series of videos or even an online live consultation using one of the many video chat systems around like Skype, Google Hangout and Facebook.

If you know what you are talking about then it is fair to say that you will not have put all of the information into a short report or at least the best bits. This can be the topic of your upsell.

For example: your short report can be ‘How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Each Month Using Email Marketing’. Inside this report you will outline what is required to make thousands of dollars each month using email marketing. You will write about building an opt-in box which you add to your website and the must have email follow up sequence that people will get once they have signed up to your email list.

The short report will discuss everything but either not in great detail or it will be in great detail but not the actual mechanics of setting it up but the series of videos which you offer the person buying the report does.

As they are purchasing the report you hit them with ‘Watch Over My Shoulder As I Build A Profitable Email List & Campaign Using The Best Email Autoresponder Software On The Market’.

Now the person buying the report can buy a series of videos where they learn everything they need to do and not just the ‘theory’ of it. If they do not buy the video course at the time of buying the report you would have added some info and a link to the course inside the report so that they can buy at a later date.

Plus you should send them an email reminder once you have captured their email address when they bought from you. Your efforts should be to remind them of this second relevant product to turn that person from a $7 purchaser to a $54 purchaser.

Your report should mention the email autoresponder software - like Aweber - that you use and should link out to it. This link should be an affiliate link which will make you some commissions should anyone click through and purchase a plan.

This link will also be put in follow up emails and on the page where the videos are found in the upsell product.

You want to capitalise on this and squeeze out some more money from the people who are going to purchase a plan anyway because you have taught them how to make money from using email marketing. It makes sense for them to be sent direct from your product page to the software system you feature in your videos and report.

There is nothing wrong with this, it is pure marketing and just business.

One UK marketer explained this business model as ‘useful, but incomplete’.

The first product is useful, it tells people all about the system, what it does and what it can do for you but it doesn’t explain or show you what you need to do to get the results you want. That all comes in the follow up products in the funnel.

The Incredibly Profitable Power Of The Written Word!

Publishing information is all about content. Mainly the written word. Huge companies publish books or home study courses which focus heavily on the written word. Take the Dummies books which cover every subject known to man… or it seems.

Then there is the popular Centre Of Excellence company which produces courses which they sell loads to many people. I can tell you that people who buy one course generally go and buy more.

I myself have bought a couple - and never finished them but that is a different story - my good lady and one of her friends have bought several. That company have made a small fortune out of just us three.

And the beauty of their model is that they now only use the online domain. You access and download the course content online and via email, you answer questions then you email them back to the course tutor who… emails the results and marks back to you.

The only thing you will get in the post in a printed format is the certificate at the end. It is all basically now done online.

This is great news for Joe Public, this means that basically anyone can start up a home based information publishing business online and the cost of entry is probably one of the cheapest around.

Apart from building websites to house your reports or content the biggest hurdle is producing the content. To publish information you are going to need to either do a lot of the writing yourself or pay someone to write the content for you which can be incredibly expensive as you will see below.

Doing the writing yourself is free but it can cost you a lot in other ways. It takes a lot of time to write something great. You can be sat staring at a blank screen for ages trying to figure out where to start and then there is the research to consider.

If you are planning on writing about a specific niche or topic which you know nothing about then you will need to do quite a lot of research and learning. This all takes time.

It helps if you have a vault of information to work with. Information that you can edit by chopping and changing bits to suit your audience.

A vault full of information covering many different ways to make money online, building websites, using social media, motivation and inspiration would be a fantastic resource to aid the creation of many information products.

With premium grade quality assured written content which is affiliate link friendly - meaning that you can add affiliate links to services like Aweber and Siteground hosting from which you can generate commissions (depending on what articles you use) - you can create products ready to sell within a few hours. You could be selling products online and making money in a matter of days if you rolled up your sleeves and put the required effort in.

Well I am happy to say that here at Digital Content Planet we are building that vault full of affiliate link friendly articles which you can use to create your own information products. It will be the perfect resource of information and premium quality content.

Every month there will be at least 10 new premium quality articles added to the vault all around 1000 words in length many including images. If you cannot find anything to work with then not only will we be surprised but you can always contact us and suggest content that you would like to work with.

Failing that you can hire us to write content specifically for you at a price which won’t break the bank. Content which could be earning you money for many years after you have paid for it.

Sometimes not paying to have things done or investing in stuff you need now can cost you a lot of money in the long run as you will see here in this article Why You Should Use A Writer To Create Your Web Content, Blog Posts and EBooks.

Oh and did I mention that when you join the vault not only is all of the premium content yours to use as you wish you also become an affiliate and we will pay you 50% commissions on any sales that you make.

The Digital Content Planet’s Vault will be live to the public very soon. To be informed when it goes live please sign up to our newsletter below and take full advantage of our 5 free articles. You can use them however you wish… apart from selling them on… that just wouldn’t be fair now would it? 🙂

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