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7 Things To Do With Done For You Articles Before You Publish Them As Your Own

how to change done for you content quick

Contrary to some people’s opinion having done for you articles or as some like to call it PLR (Private Label Rights) content does serve a purpose in today’s noisy Internet.

But in order to stand out, you need to do a few quick things. Nothing on this list should take you very long at all. In fact, once you have done this a few times I would say you can complete this whole list in around 15 minutes.

Obviously first and foremost make sure you are buying quality. Do not buy cheap bulk garbage for just a few dollars.

Chances are its been downloaded thousands of times, written poorly, lacking research and is already circulating the web more than a viral cat video on YouTube.

Once you have your article there are a few things you should do before you publish the article as your own.

Change Title & The Permalink

Sounds simple and it is but it is surprising how many people do not do this simple thing. There are two parts to this.

The first part is to actually re-write the title, but it obviously still needs to be relevant to the article.

For example, let’s say the original title is ‘How To Stand Out With Social Media’

You could re-write this to be:

  • Standing Out With Social Media: The Steps To Do It Right
  • The Complete Guide To Standing Out With Social Media
  • How To Shine On Your Social Media Platforms

You get the idea.

The next step is to change the permalink of your post to reflect the title of it. It does not have to be an exact copy but at least make it similar.

If you are using WordPress then make sure your settings for permalinks are to post-name.

changing PLR articles to suit

Change Sub Headings

Much like step one go in and change a few or if you can all of the subheadings in the article. Again, not too much and try to keep in line with what it is trying to set up the next stage of the article for. But even if its subtle changes that will make a difference.

On some articles, you may feel like removing some of the subheaders. This is totally fine too.

Make sure you leave some in though and it will break the article up nicely plus people like to refer back to articles they find useful and subheaders can act like bookmarks.

When publishing on your own website you should also make the subheadings bigger. H1, H2, H3 settings should be used with them.

Add Your Own Affiliate Links

One of the main reasons you have a blog in the first place will most likely be to make some income from it. I am not here in this post to give you a lecture on affiliate marketing, but I am sure you are aware that you can add affiliate links within articles.

You will see straight away when you enter the download section in the member's area which articles are suitable for affiliate links as each article preview includes a word count, whether it is a suitable article for affiliate marketing and whether or not it includes images.

Adding a few links at relevant parts throughout the article is a great way to generate some affiliate commissions.

Make sure you have an affiliate disclaimer on your blog. You can have a generic one or one that notifies the readers on each post.

A good place to place a generic one is in the footer. If you wish to leave a little note on each post you can download many plugins on WordPress that will do this for you each time.

A short piece of text saying “We may earn commissions from some of the products mentioned in this post” is more than adequate.

Do not overdo it. Do not completely fill the article with your affiliate links.

Think about a way you can add some extra value to it and then add your link.

For example, let’s use the same example post above “How To Stand Out On Social Media”

Maybe this post has outlined several ways and pointed out some useful tips. But maybe there is a tool or course that you use that wasn’t mentioned in the post.

This is where you can add your thoughts. You could simply add a closing paragraph like this:

“These tips are all great and no doubt will improve your social media presence but if you really want to stand out then you should check out [ADD YOU PRODUCT AFFILIATE LINK HERE].

They are currently running a discount and this course helped me grow my account 200% in the last two months.

Hurry though as I think they are closing the doors soon as the members are filling up fast.

That link again [ADD YOUR PRODUCT HERE]

Let me know if you buy through my link as I have a special bonus video I made to help you further only for buyers.”

Again, just make a few minor tweaks and you could end up making some decent commissions from your PLR created content.

Add Your Own Inbound and Outbound Links

Where appropriate make sure you link to a few of your other articles from the post. Link juice is very important both inbound and outbound.

Outbound links give the article a lot more credibility. If you know of some further reading that your readers would appreciate and link to it then make sure you give that author a shout out on social media too as they may share the article to their followers too.

A few here and there or even just one will help make the post more unique.

Add/Change Pictures

You can also add a few more pictures if you wanted to, pictures help break up an article and keep the reader engaged. They also provide something for readers to pin to Pinterest.

Do not underestimate the power of pictures in an article.

I have personally created articles that have been shared thousands of times on Pinterest because of the pictures in the post.

This leads me on to my next point with this.

Add some Pinterest friendly pictures.

A long picture with some detail about what the post is about can really help with the social shares of it.

Here is an example:

things to do before publishing PLR articles

I created this image using the Wordswag app on my phone. It took me about 1 minute.

Some other useful graphics packages are:

  • Canva
  • Pic Monkey
  • Snappa

Feel free to also change the current images that are supplied in the PLR articles if they have some.

You can completely transform a PLR article in just a few moments with some fresh images and make it look and feel totally different.

This is a good thing.

Add One Or Two More Paragraphs

Is there anything you could add to the article? Even if its just a couple of paragraphs here and there. I realize the reason you bought the articles in the first place is so you did not have to do all the work, but maybe spending 5 minutes or so adding a new closing paragraph, for example, would not hurt.

If it’s a list post there may be one or two more items you would want to list? It is always better as we say to make the articles your own and adding a couple of extra paragraphs can do wonders to a PLR article from its original form.

adding extra content to plr articles

Instead of articles is there a video you perhaps add?

There are a whole host of videos on YouTube and most channels do not mind at all you sharing their content on your page!

A video will give a whole new element of the post, many people prefer video to text so this way you will be pleasing your supporters via both mediums.

Adding a video can also be a great addition if you are promoting an affiliate link. If your video provides a review perhaps then you could add your affiliate link underneath the product review.

Another simple way to add some extra content and make some commissions too!

Rearrange It

Going back to list posts, just like this one, in fact, it is very easy to rearrange them. You can simply copy and paste the sections into a different order.

Just remember if any parts reference other parts throughout the post though to change those too.

A very easy little trick to transform a PLR list article.

Wrap Up

So there we have it. Seven simple tricks to transform a PLR article and make it your own. Even if you do not do all of these, just by making a few of these changes will help keep the article fresher.

You can use content that has been created for you, it's perfectly fine to do so. But a few simple hacks and tweaks as shown here will make the article more unique.

As a little sample we would like to give you 5 x free 1000+ word articles you can take away and use for free. Use them how ever you like. Just pop your details in and we will send them over!
We hate spam. Your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone else.

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