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Use your voice to inspire others and get paid to do so! Become a member of the Digital Content Planet affiliate program.


We pay our affiliates 50% of the revenue for every new member they sign up for the lifetime of their stay.

That means they get around $20 per sale for each new member EVERY month.

So, you do the maths.

    Sign just 2 members and you will cover your costs of your own membership (if you have one)

    Sign 5 members and each month you will earn $100 in commissions

    Sign 10 members and you will earn a nice $200 each month.

    Mega affiliates are capable of earning $1000s each and every month.


We are on hand not just for our paying members but also our affiliates too. You can reach out to us via our contact page here.

Or just hit us up on the support email address: and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


As the Digital Content Planet is about saving you time and ultimately money to grow your business the affiliate program is no different. We will have a whole host of resources from banner ads, blog posts and video tutorials that you can use on your own blog, your mailing list or through your social media channels to promote with your affiliate link.

Take A Tour Inside The Digital Content Planet Vault

 10 new articles at 1000 words or more will be added making this an incredible resource of ready to use PLR content. This is not just any only PLR though, this is the highest quality Premium Web Content.

Things to point out when promoting…

The content we provide within the vault is ideal for:

Take A Look At These Example Articles

Contains Images: YES | Good For Affiliate Promotions: NO | Word Count: 1184
Contains Images: YES | Good For Affiliate Promotions: MAYBE | Word Count: 2436
Contains Images: YES | Good For Affiliate Promotions: YES | Word Count: 2191

Apply and Get Started

Once the membership area is open you can become an affiliate straight away. Jump on our mailing list below to be notified when the program is open.

There are no minimum sales requirements and once you are approved on the JVZoo platform you will start earning commissions instantly through their platform.

You will need a PayPal account as all payments are made through them.

Affiliate Promotional Tools

Sales Page Link

Articles to use on your websites or in emails in part or as a whole. Please change to suit your own audience and ideas.

Contains Images: YES | Good For Affiliate Promotions: YES | Word Count: 1379
Contains Images: YES | Good For Affiliate Promotions: YES | Word Count: 1278

Email articles to use to your list.

More affiliate tools coming soon including banners, videos and more you can use to help with your affiliate marketing efforts. In the meantime you could join our exclusive affiliates list to get notified on any updates and new material. Thank you.